Former Manager Chochoo Unveils the Untold Reason Behind Mr Ibu’s Leg Amputation

In a recent revelation, Emeka Chochoo, the former manager of the renowned actor John Okafor, widely recognized as Mr Ibu, has shed light on the circumstances leading to the amputation of one of the actor’s legs. According to Chochoo, the dire measure became imperative due to an undetected arterial infection at the ankle, despite the actor undergoing seven successful surgeries.

In an exclusive phone interview with PUNCH on Thursday, Chochoo conveyed that Mr Ibu is currently responding positively to the ongoing treatment. He provided insights into the actor’s medical journey, elucidating that successive ailments have been under the careful scrutiny of medical professionals. The decision to amputate, Chochoo disclosed, was prompted by an infection affecting an artery at the ankle, a condition that went unnoticed until it reached an advanced stage.

Elaborating on the specifics, Chochoo revealed, “The doctors are addressing each health issue systematically. The amputation stemmed from an infection compromising blood flow to the leg, an unfortunate consequence of not being detected in a timely manner. By the time it was identified, regrettably, it had progressed too far, necessitating the surgical intervention.”

Furthermore, Chochoo affirmed that the surgery took place in Nigeria, but plans are underway to transfer Mr Ibu abroad for further medical attention. “He underwent the surgery here in Nigeria. However, arrangements are in place for his subsequent treatment abroad. Presently, he is receiving comprehensive care within the country,” Chochoo emphasized, providing an update on the actor’s ongoing recovery.


Ademola Adeyemi

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