Police Parade Suspect with Fresh Human Head In Oyo State

In a significant development, the Oyo State Police, on Friday, presented before the public a 45-year-old individual identified as Hassan Kolawole, suspected of engaging in ritualistic activities. The unsettling discovery unfolded in Ibadan, the state capital, where Kolawole was apprehended with a freshly severed human head.

Commissioner of Police, Adebola Hamzat, orchestrated the parade at the command headquarters in Eleyele, showcasing not only Kolawole but also nine other individuals apprehended across diverse locations within the state for their involvement in various criminal activities.

During an interaction with the press, the apprehended suspect, Hassan Kolawole, openly admitted to the gruesome act. He revealed that desperation, exacerbated by financial difficulties in providing for his wife and two children, led him into a sinister pact. Kolawole detailed his association with a certain Islamic cleric named Waheed, whom he met during a Maolud gathering.

According to Kolawole, Waheed purportedly possessed the knowledge of money rituals that necessitated the use of human body parts. Unable to secure these grisly components himself, Kolawole claimed that Waheed assured him of obtaining the necessary materials. The suspect went on to disclose the clandestine exchange of the freshly severed head and two hands in the vicinity of Amuloko, where they convened early in the morning.

Despite Kolawole’s confession, he asserted that the elusive Waheed is currently at large. The incident unfolded during a police search of Kolawole’s office, located in Amuloko, where he attended to individuals seeking spiritual assistance.

Simultaneously, the police paraded nine additional suspects apprehended from various locations within Oyo State. Their charges span a spectrum of criminal activities, encompassing murder, kidnapping, cultism, and theft, underscoring the breadth of law enforcement efforts in curbing criminality within the region.


Ademola Adeyemi

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