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Tiamiyu Stands Firm: ‘I Stand by Every Word I Said in the BBC Interview’

Nigerian YouTuber Emdee Tiamiyu, who has found himself amidst controversy, has stood firm in his assertions made during a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), stating that he remains grounded in reality and stands by every word he uttered.Tiamiyu’s remarks came in response to a wave of criticism that followed his interview, during which he claimed that Nigerians seeking admission to universities in the United Kingdom view it as a means to escape their homeland, rather than a pursuit of education and qualifications.Known for his guidance on studying in the UK, Tiamiyu highlighted that the majority of Nigerians are not driven by a desire for further education, but rather by the aspiration to start a new life abroad.”The student route is akin to an answered prayer. It encompasses a wide range of individuals, particularly those from ordinary backgrounds,” Tiamiyu asserted.He went on to say, “We are witnessing a trend where many individuals exploit the guise of being students. Thus, the pursuit of education becomes secondary, as they are primarily seeking a way out rather than the acquisition of degrees.”Tiamiyu’s statements stirred intense backlash from Nigerians, who took to social media platforms to express their anger, accusing him of betrayal and undermining the country’s interests.The uproar can be attributed, at least in part, to recent changes in immigration regulations that will limit Nigerian students, as well as others studying in the UK, from bringing their families as dependents unless specific circumstances apply.Responding to the widespread criticism, Tiamiyu hosted a Twitter Space on Tuesday to clarify his intentions behind the controversial interview. He made it clear that his aim was not to seek popularity but rather to make a meaningful impact.Expressing gratitude for his role as one of the prominent voices in the field, he stated, “Popularity is not my goal. As long as I can create an impact, I am content. We have transformed lives through the power of information. Perhaps we should organize a discussion to shed more light on this.”Addressing those who suddenly flocked to his page seeking attention, Tiamiyu questioned their sincerity, stating, “If you had not visited my page before but now desire the limelight, are you genuinely serious? If you truly seek recognition, request an interview from the BBC. I stand by every word I utter. My words are authentic, genuine, and sincere. Even DJ Real is learning from me. I possess a strong sense of empathy and relatability.”In a separate video conversation with popular broadcaster Ifedayo Olarinde, widely known as Daddy Freeze, Tiamiyu admitted to contemplating a delicate balance between being candid and diplomatic in his future endeavors.Acknowledging the potential for future opportunities in Nigeria, Tiamiyu expressed his intention to strike a balance between his authentic self and the need for diplomacy, recognizing that speaking candidly can often offend others.He concluded, “There is a future here, and I believe there are still ample opportunities to achieve remarkable things. I must find a way to navigate between being true to myself and exercising diplomacy because when you choose to be genuine, you are bound to offend some people.”


Ademola Adeyemi

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