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HEARTBREAKING DISCOVERY: Father Unearths Electrocution Tragedy through Snapchat Group at Chrisland School

In a heartbreaking testimony before Justice Oyindamola Ogala at the High Court in Ikeja, Lagos State, Adeyemi Adeniran, the father of Whitney, a student at Chrisland High School Opebi, recounted the tragic events leading to his daughter’s untimely demise during a school sporting event at Agege Stadium. Adeniran revealed that he learned about his 12-year-old daughter’s electrocution through a social media application known as Snapchat.According to Adeniran’s account, he received a distressing call from his wife, Blessing, while he was at work. She informed him that their daughter, who had left home in good health, had collapsed at the stadium and was rushed to the hospital. Adeniran rushed to Agege Central Hospital, where he found his wife and was directed to a small room where he encountered his daughter’s lifeless body on a table.Overwhelmed with grief, Adeniran desperately tried to revive his daughter, but to no avail. He pleaded with the doctor present at the facility to do everything possible to bring her back to life, only to be told that Whitney had been brought in dead. The devastated father questioned the nurse about what had happened, and she disclosed that Whitney had collapsed and was already lifeless when she arrived at the hospital. The nurse, however, clarified that she was not qualified to pronounce the young girl dead.While Adeniran was conversing with the nurse, the doctor in charge of the clinic approached him and urged him to expedite the burial process, advising against further investigation. The doctor’s persuasion left Adeniran conflicted, but he ultimately resolved to uncover the truth behind his daughter’s death. He recognized the significance of understanding what had happened to Whitney and refused to hastily bury her without proper investigation, despite the doctor’s claims about the costs and potential pain of an autopsy.Seeking justice for his daughter, Adeniran contacted his friends, who advised him to report the incident to the police. As he was preparing to go to the station, the doctor requested a private meeting with him. During this meeting, the doctor persistently discouraged Adeniran from pursuing further action and encouraged him to bury Whitney without delay.Undeterred, Adeniran expressed his determination to uncover the truth, regardless of the costs or pain involved. Later that evening, as Adeniran and his wife were contemplating sleep, they were startled by Whitney’s phone, which started ringing. Adeniran’s other daughter, Amaka, unlocked the phone using the password and discovered a Snapchat group called “Lagos Housewives.”To their shock, the messages in the group revealed that some of Whitney’s classmates were aware of the circumstances surrounding her death and believed that the school would not disclose the truth. One student described witnessing Whitney being electrocuted while leaning against an iron rail near a vending machine. The student recounted how Whitney fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, and how an individual inappropriately attempted to help by pouring water on her.During the court proceedings, the prosecution submitted printed copies of the messages posted in the Snapchat group as evidence. Furthermore, Adeniran disclosed that when the school management visited his family to offer condolences, they cautioned against sharing the tragedy on social media.Under cross-examination by the defense counsels, Mrs. Bimpe Ajegbomogun and Chief Richard Ahonarougho (SAN), Adeniran clarified that his daughter did not suffer from sickle-cell disease, refuting any suggestions that her health condition contributed to her untimely death.


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