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Former Chief of Staff’s Protocol Officer Abducted by Gunmen in Rivers State; Police Apprehend Suspect

In a brazen act of criminality, armed gunmen have forcefully abducted Mr. Justice Azunda, a distinguished protocol officer who served under the previous Chief of Staff at the Rivers State Government House, Chief Emeka Woke. The incident occurred when the assailants descended upon the Isiodu community, where Mr. Azunda and several others were engaged in a meeting, unleashing a hail of bullets in a meticulously planned commando-style operation before swiftly spiriting him away from the scene.Reacting to the distressing development, Dr. Chidi Lloyd, Chairman of the Emuoha Local Government Area, shed light on the situation and identified a wanted suspect, known as Wordi, as the orchestrator of this heinous act. Dr. Lloyd expressed his deep sorrow over the events that transpired on the afternoon of Sunday, recounting the invasion of the Isiodu community by Wordi and his criminal syndicate. In the ensuing chaos, marked by the sound of gunfire, Mr. Justice Azunda was forcibly abducted.In response to this alarming situation, Dr. Lloyd called upon the Emuoha Local Government Vigilante Service, urging its members to cooperate closely with the security forces to secure the prompt and safe release of the victim. Acknowledging the vigilance displayed by the Emuoha Vigilante in recent times, Dr. Lloyd reiterated his plea, emphasizing the importance of concerted efforts to ensure the wellbeing of Mr. Azunda.Furthermore, Dr. Lloyd announced a substantial increase in the bounty placed on Wordi, raising it from N1 million to N2 million, as part of a determined campaign to bring the criminal to justice. Concurrently, he issued an immediate ban on motorcycle operations within the area, effective from June 5, 2023, despite being aware of the inconveniences this prohibition may impose on the local populace.In a separate statement, Grace Iringe-Koko, the spokesperson for the State Police Command, provided an update on the ongoing investigation. She confirmed the arrest of a suspect linked to the kidnapping incident, who is currently cooperating with the police to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the abduction. Moreover, State Commissioner of Police Emeka Nwonyi promptly dispatched the command’s tactical units to the affected area, with the primary objective of securing the unconditional release of Mr. Azunda from his captors.Efforts to secure the safe release of Mr. Justice Azunda continue unabated, with the authorities mobilizing resources and intensifying their focus on resolving this distressing situation. The swift response by law enforcement agencies reflects their commitment to ensuring the well-being of citizens, as they work tirelessly to bring the perpetrators of this brazen act to justice.


Ademola Adeyemi

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