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Man Takes His Own Life in Jigawa State Four Months After Getting Married

In a deeply distressing turn of events, a 30-year-old man named Usman Sani Goga has taken his own life in the Babura Local Government Area of Jigawa State. Goga, a talented photographer who had recently tied the knot just four months ago, was discovered lifeless in his bedroom on Wednesday at his residence in Akula Quarters.The spokesperson for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in the state, CSC. Adamu Shehu, confirmed the heartbreaking incident. Shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy, he revealed that the deceased had dropped off his wife at a relative’s house earlier that day, assuring her that he would return to collect her later in the evening.The motive behind Goga’s decision to end his own life remains shrouded in mystery. CSC. Shehu emphasized that an ongoing investigation has been initiated to uncover the underlying reasons that led to this untimely demise.Recounting the harrowing sequence of events, Goga’s grief-stricken wife shared her side of the story. “Around 5:00 p.m., I made multiple attempts to reach him on his phone, but all my calls went unanswered,” she lamented. Growing increasingly concerned, she resorted to taking a commercial vehicle back home.Upon arrival, she was confronted with the chilling realization that she had forgotten her keys, further exacerbating her anxiety. Frustrated and desperate for answers, she persistently dialed her husband’s number once again, only to be met with silence. With the assistance of a compassionate motorcyclist, she managed to gain access to their house.What she encountered inside shattered her world. In a scene too distressing to comprehend, Goga’s motorcycle, typically found parked outside, stood as an eerie reminder of his absence. In a rush of panic, she rushed to their bedroom, where an unimaginable sight awaited her. Her beloved husband’s lifeless body hung from a ceiling fan hook, forever stealing away his light.The local community has been left stunned and grief-stricken by this tragic incident. As friends, family, and neighbors grapple with the profound loss, they are united in their shared hope for the ongoing investigation to shed light on the underlying factors that led to this devastating outcome.


Ademola Adeyemi

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