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Pastor Arrested for Allegedly Defiling 13-Year-Old Domestic Worker in Abia State

In a disheartening development, the Abia State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of Pastor Chukwuemeka Orji, a clergyman associated with the Assemblies of God Church. The pastor stands accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old female domestic worker in the Aba area of the state. The State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Chinaka Maureen, has verified the arrest and disclosed that an ongoing investigation is underway.The allegations against Pastor Orji are deeply disturbing. It is reported that during the perpetration of these heinous acts, the 60-year-old pastor left visible bruises on the young victim and subjected her to severe psychological trauma. Shockingly, it is further revealed that Orji, under the guise of sponsoring the girl’s education, had been engaging in sexual acts with her since she was only 12 years old.In a distressing attempt to silence the victim, the pastor allegedly resorted to threats, warning her that he would withdraw his support for her education and force her to return to her family if she dared to disclose the illicit activities to anyone.The courageous 13-year-old victim bravely recounted her ordeal at the hands of the pastor, revealing that Orji persistently made sexual advances towards her from the moment she began living under his care. Despite her steadfast refusal, the situation took a darker turn when the pastor allegedly forced himself upon her in a sexual encounter in 2022. From that point onward, the abusive acts became a regular occurrence, robbing the young girl of her innocence and leaving her traumatized.The pastor’s luck ran out on Thursday, June 15, 2023, when he attempted to assault the minor but discovered that she was menstruating. Undeterred by this natural occurrence, Orji coerced the victim into performing oral sex on him as a form of punishment. Dissatisfied with her compliance, he further subjected her to menial labor, forcing her to cut grass on a farm within the church premises before permitting her to attend school.Unable to bear the continued abuse, the courageous victim found solace in confiding in her class teacher upon reaching school. Swift action was taken as the teacher promptly notified the school’s proprietor, who in turn informed Lady Nwosu, the Executive Director of Vivacious Development Initiative. Subsequently, Nwosu contacted her colleague, Chuka Okoye, setting in motion a chain of events that led to the arrest of the pastor by the police.Orji appeared before a Magistrate Court in the Aba South Local Government Area on Tuesday, where he was remanded to the Abia State Correctional Centre, pending the resolution of his cases, subject to specific bail conditions.In response to this distressing incident, Reverend Dr. Don Njoku, the Aba District Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, expressed profound disappointment and confirmed that appropriate sanctions had been imposed on Pastor Orji, resulting in his expulsion from the ministry. Speaking to the Protect the Precious Foundation led by Norah Okafor, Rev. Njoku emphasized the church’s unequivocal stance against any form of promiscuity and condemned the actions committed by the pastor. He reiterated that although the official announcement is forthcoming, Orji is fully aware of his expulsion as per the church’s constitution.As investigations continue and legal proceedings unfold, the Abia State Police Command remains committed to ensuring that justice is served in this distressing case. The arrest of Pastor Chukwuemeka Orji serves as a sobering reminder of the urgent need to protect the most vulnerable members of society and implement robust measures to prevent and address incidents of sexual abuse.This unfortunate incident calls upon religious organizations and communities to intensify their efforts in creating safe environments, fostering transparency, and implementing stringent policies that safeguard the welfare of their members, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It is through collective action and an unwavering commitment to protection that such abhorrent acts can be prevented, survivors can find solace, and justice can be achieved.The road to healing and justice for the young victim, who exhibited tremendous courage in coming forward, will undoubtedly be arduous. However, the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, child protection agencies, and concerned individuals seek to ensure that her voice is heard, her rights are upheld, and her well-being is prioritized.This distressing incident serves as a solemn reminder that safeguarding the innocence and well-being of children is a collective responsibility‚ÄĒone that necessitates unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to creating a safer and more secure future for the younger generation.


Ademola Adeyemi

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