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Scandalous Scheme: Lagos Businessman Blackmails Widows with Intimate Photos

In 2015, tragedy struck Kester when she lost her beloved husband in a devastating motor accident. At just 31 years old and married for a mere three years, her dreams of a blissful future were shattered. Left alone to care for their two young daughters, Kester found herself burdened with the weight of single parenthood. It was a role she never anticipated at such a young age, but she gathered her strength and pressed on, determined to rebuild her life.After eight years of loneliness, Kester believed it was time to move forward. Seeking companionship, she joined a WhatsApp group for singles in January 2023. It was there that she met Amarah Kennedy, a seemingly successful businessman residing in the Apapa area of Lagos State.Their connection was instantaneous, and Kennedy showered Kester and her children with gifts and financial support. “He would support me with N10,000 or N5,000,” Kester recalled, reflecting on the early days of their relationship.However, unbeknownst to Kester, trouble lurked beneath the surface. In March, Kennedy approached her for a loan of N30,000, promising to repay it the next day. Trusting in his previous acts of kindness, Kester readily agreed to help. But as the following day came and went without repayment, Kester grew concerned. She mustered the courage to confront Kennedy and demand her money back. Two days later, the funds were returned.As their relationship progressed, Kester noticed that Kennedy never allowed her to visit his purported residence in Apapa, despite his regular visits to her home. “He would always tell me not to bother coming over. At the time, I didn’t push the issue further, as I too had a busy schedule,” she explained.However, May 2 marked a turning point in their relationship. Kennedy contacted Kester, requesting a loan of N80,000 to cover some supplies. Once again, he promised to repay the amount the next day. Despite not having such a substantial sum, Kester decided to borrow money allocated for her sister’s surgical operation.When the repayment date arrived, Kennedy failed to honor his commitment and instead began making excuses. Growing increasingly worried, Kester confided in a mutual friend, pleading for their intervention. Shortly thereafter, Kennedy responded with a text message, labeling her “ungrateful and wicked.””He claimed to have spent a significant amount on me and insisted I could not forfeit the N80,000,” Kester recounted. “I reminded him it was a loan, not a gift, and that I simply did not have that kind of money.”Ultimately, Kennedy relented and began repaying the loan, completing the payments by May 7. Despite this red flag, Kester, against her better judgment, forgave Kennedy and chose to continue the relationship.On June 4, Kennedy requested a meeting with Kester at a hotel in Agege. Tempted by his charm, she agreed, and they engaged in consensual sexual activity. However, as Kester dressed afterward, she realized Kennedy had surreptitiously taken explicit photos of her.Just two days later, Kennedy sent a text message demanding a loan of N18,000. Kester, already feeling trapped and fearful of the consequences, informed Kennedy that she did not possess the funds. He accused her of lying, igniting a heated argument. Later that night, Kester received a message from Kennedy, threatening to distribute her nude photos to her male friends on Facebook unless she paid him N100,000. Overwhelmed by panic, Kester, driven by fear and desperation, complied with his demand.This marked the beginning of a nightmarish cycle of threats, blackmail, and emotional torment for Kester. Kennedy, fully aware of her vulnerabilities, continued to exploit her, demanding larger sums of money under the threat of exposing her intimate photos.Despite her fear and shame, Kester found the strength to confide in a trusted friend, who encouraged her to seek help. Together, they reached out to female activists who championed the cause of women’s rights. With their support, Kester and several other victims of Kennedy’s manipulations filed complaints with the police.However, Kester’s quest for justice was not without its obstacles. Initially, she lodged her case at the Pen Cinema Police Station, where she claimed officers demanded a bribe. Determined to fight against corruption and abuse, Kester persisted and, with the assistance of her advocates, managed to have the case transferred to the Gender Unit of the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters in Ikeja.As investigations into Kennedy’s activities unfold, it has become apparent that Kester is not the only victim of his manipulative tactics. Multiple women, including widows and a single mother, have bravely come forward, revealing their harrowing experiences of emotional and financial abuse at his hands.When contacted for comment, Kennedy admitted to capturing explicit photos of Kester but denied sharing or posting them. In a shocking twist, he alleged that Kester owed him over N600,000 and had refused to return the money, despite her repeated requests.Kester’s painful journey serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can befall individuals who form relationships in online spaces. It underscores the importance of exercising caution and discernment when interacting with strangers, as well as the urgent need for stronger legislation and improved support systems to combat online harassment, blackmail, and abuse.In the face of adversity, Kester’s courage and determination to seek justice provide hope for other victims and highlight the resilience of the human spirit in the pursuit of truth and healing.


Ademola Adeyemi

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