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Woman Arrested in Abia State for Stealing Friend’s One-Month-Old Baby

Abia State Police Command Detains Woman Accused of Abducting Friend’s Baby BoyIn a disheartening incident that has sent shockwaves throughout the community, a 28-year-old woman identified as Adaeze Lawrence is now under the custody of the Abia State Police Command. The woman stands accused of the egregious act of stealing a one-month-and-two-days-old baby boy from her friend.According to sources familiar with the matter, Adaeze Lawrence cunningly managed to gain the trust of the baby’s mother, Onyinyechi Owujie, gradually evolving their relationship into friendship. This betrayal of trust was the backdrop against which the alarming abduction unfolded.The intricate web of connections came to light as it was revealed that the accused, who earns a living as a hairstylist, was actually a schoolmate of Onyinyechi Owujie’s elder sister. This seemingly innocuous link provided Adaeze Lawrence with the means to forge a connection with Onyinyechi Owujie and access her life.Reports indicate that the accused orchestrated a ruse, luring the baby’s mother into a celebration ostensibly in honor of the newborn’s arrival. Tragically, the celebration served as a smokescreen for a more sinister intent, as Adaeze Lawrence exploited the event to abscond with the infant.The incriminating incident came to the attention of the authorities when Onyinyechi Owujie reported the abduction to the police. Consequently, Adaeze Lawrence was apprehended at her undisclosed hiding place.Providing insight into the matter, ASP Chioma Chinaka, the Police Public Relations Officer of the state, issued a statement acknowledging the successful arrest. According to the statement, the diligent efforts of the Abia State Police Special Weapons and Tactics Team led to Adaeze Lawrence’s arrest on August 14, 2023, around 4 pm.The statement continued to elucidate the details of the abduction, revealing that Adaeze Lawrence initially denied involvement, asserting that the child was her own. However, this defense crumbled when a thorough medical examination dispelled her claims, leading her to finally admit to the shocking act. The child’s biological mother identified her offspring, confirming the abduction that transpired on August 6, 2023.With the investigation ongoing, ASP Chioma Chinaka urged the public to exercise caution and vigilance, especially when it comes to the safety of their children in public spaces. The heartrending incident serves as a stark reminder that trust can sometimes be exploited for nefarious purposes, and the police authorities are working diligently to ensure justice prevails in this troubling case.


Ademola Adeyemi

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