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Lagos Socialite Apologizes to her Children and Attributes Suicide Attempt to Troubled Marriage

Esteemed Lagos Socialite, Farida Abdulkabir, widely acknowledged by the moniker Farida Sobowale, has tendered a profound apology to her offspring subsequent to a distressing incident in which she contemplated an ill-fated leap into the depths of a lagoon from the iconic Third Mainland Bridge.

A widely disseminated video clip, capturing the unsettling episode on Thursday evening, portrayed Farida Sobowale, the esteemed owner of Phreedah Body Care and Spa located in the heart of Surulere, Lagos. The footage depicted a gathering of concerned individuals, earnestly engaged in offering solace, with her ebony-hued Sport Utility vehicle positioned adjacent.

The orchestrated endeavors of these rescuers were evident as they gently held the distraught entrepreneur, employing tactful persuasions to deter her from following through on her despairing intentions.

Informed sources indicate that subsequent to a meticulously executed intervention, Abdulkabir was escorted away alongside her vehicle, the destination discreetly undisclosed.

Following these events, an audio recording surfaced across various social media platforms wherein Farida Sobowale elucidated the genesis of her harrowing suicide contemplation. She attributed her disconcerting actions to the turbulence within her marital union with fellow Lagos socialite, Demola Okulaja.

She shared, “Despite the well-meaning counsel from friends and family, cautioning against the ill-advised marriage, I recklessly persevered, discounting admonitions that the gentleman harbored ulterior financial motives.”

An aura of profound remorse permeated her words as she further expressed, “My sincerest apologies are extended to my cherished children for having exposed them to this distressing situation. The notion of abandoning them in the wake of such a tragic act was a burden too heavy to bear.”

In an unexpected turn, she conveyed her magnanimous act of forgiveness towards her former spouse, invoking divine guidance for his forthcoming journey. She solemnly declared, “May providence lead him to a new chapter of marital companionship.”

Significantly, Farida Abdulkabir’s nuptial celebration with Demola Okulaja, an extravagant affair, unfolded a mere two months prior. However, the aftermath has been marred by turbulent online exchanges between the estranged couple, characterized by the public airing of familial matters and the exchange of disparaging epithets.


Ademola Adeyemi

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