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Unknown Gunmen Kill Retired Policeman and Wife in Imo State

Tragic Incident Unfolds: Retired Police Officer and Wife Fatally Shot in OwerriIn a horrifying turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the city, a retired Assistant Superintendent of Police and his wife were ruthlessly gunned down by armed assailants on Sunday night. The victims, identified as Mr. and Mrs. Sampson Owobo, fell victim to a violent attack that unfolded near the Chisco Transport company office, in close proximity to the Owerri Area Police Command headquarters.The retired police officer, hailing from Edo State, had concluded his law enforcement career approximately five years ago, having achieved the rank of ASP. Tragically, he and his wife, both proprietors of a Point Of Sale (POS) business and bakery, were targeted by three gunmen during the incident.Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing scene as the criminals attempted to seize a bag of money belonging to the couple. Failing in their endeavor, the assailants resorted to shocking violence. Shots were fired at close range, resulting in Mr. Owobo’s fatal wound to his forehead, situated near his eyes, and his wife sustaining a gunshot injury on her left side, adjacent to her chest. The immediate aftermath saw Mr. Owobo losing his life on the spot, while his severely injured wife was promptly transported to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, where her life was tragically pronounced over.The incident, occurring at around 8 pm, triggered a wave of panic among residents and business owners in the vicinity. Amid the chaos, apartment dwellers hurriedly secured their living spaces, and shopkeepers hastily shuttered their establishments.Henry Okoye, the spokesperson for the state police force, expressed deep condemnation for the heinous act. The Commissioner of Police has launched an immediate investigation into the couple’s murder and has issued an order to apprehend the fugitive culprits responsible for this shocking crime.This disturbing incident casts a somber shadow over Owerri, underscoring the pressing need for swift and decisive action to ensure justice is served and the safety of the city’s residents is upheld.


Ademola Adeyemi

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