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DAVIDO: “Ifeanyi has a little brother.”

Renowned Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, has recently revealed that his deceased son, Ifeanyi, has a younger sibling. The acclaimed artist made this heartfelt announcement during an interview with popular YouTuber, Anas Bukhash.Amidst a discussion about his daughters, Davido abruptly interjected, asserting, “I also have a son. Ifeanyi has a little brother.” When pressed for further details regarding the child’s name, he affectionately referred to him as Dawson.Tragically, Davido had previously experienced the devastating loss of his eldest son, Ifeanyi, who tragically drowned in a swimming pool at his family’s residence in Banana Island, Lagos, back in October of 2022. The artist, often referred to as ‘OBO’ (an acronym for Omo Baba Olowo, meaning “child of a wealthy man” in Yoruba), openly expressed deep regret and sorrow over the untimely passing of his beloved son.In his own words, he shared, “Every day, I am haunted by his absence. Tears well up in my eyes each morning; a pain that remains hidden from public view.” Davido further revealed that he had resorted to extreme measures to cope with his grief, confessing to selling his father’s television sets and even contemplating selling his own Rolls Royce in Atlanta.The ‘Unavailable’ maestro, renowned for his philanthropy and generosity towards his fans, disclosed that if his father were to bestow upon him a million dollars, he would readily distribute the entire sum to others before 9 p.m. on the same day. As the youngest of five siblings, Davido emphasized that he had been exposed to a vibrant nightlife from an early age, often accompanying his older brothers and sisters to nightclubs when he was merely fifteen years old.Through these revelations, Davido provides a candid glimpse into his personal journey, grappling with immense loss, familial dynamics, and his exuberant lifestyle. His resilience and commitment to self-expression continue to captivate both his loyal fan base and the wider public alike.


Ademola Adeyemi

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