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US-Based Woman Sparks Controversy Online as She Accuses Davido of Impregnating Her

Nigerian singer Davido Adeleke, renowned as Davido, finds himself at the center of a social media storm as fervent discussions unfold following claims made by United States businesswoman Anita Brown, who alleges that the music star impregnated her but has refused to acknowledge the pregnancy.Anita initially came to public attention on Sunday, revealing her purported relationship with Davido and asserting that she is carrying his child. In a recent resurgence, she has now presented supporting evidence in the form of screenshots, aiming to substantiate her claims.The released chat transcripts involve conversations between Anita, Davido, and the singer’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke. Through these exchanges, Anita seeks to counter assertions that her involvement with the Afrobeats artist was merely a one-night encounter, asserting instead that they had an on-and-off dating history dating back to 2017 when they met in Dubai. Anita further maintains that their relationship persisted intermittently until the onset of the pandemic, during which time they were in a more committed arrangement.Providing insight into her experience, Anita discloses conversations with Davido where he not only admits to engaging in unprotected intercourse with her but also suggests that she handle the pregnancy discreetly, following the example of other women who have allegedly done the same in the past. Additionally, the screenshots reveal discussions between Anita and Davido’s cousin, Clarks, who promises to counsel Davido on accepting responsibility for the impending child.Addressing detractors who have subjected her to disparaging remarks, Anita clarifies that she had no knowledge of Davido’s marital status, as neither his public persona nor his social media activity indicated such a commitment.It is worth noting that Davido, earlier this year in January 2023, entered into matrimony with his long-time girlfriend, Chioma Rowland. Tragically, their union was marred by the loss of their son, Ifeanyi, who drowned in their Banana Island residence pool.In light of these recent revelations, social media users have taken to various platforms to express their opinions on the matter. One commenter, Gracie, suggests that Davido’s marriage to Chioma serves as a consolation for the loss they endured, casting doubt on the sincerity of his affection for her. Another individual chastises Davido, characterizing him as a chronic womanizer, and speculates on the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Stlucian Princess laments the potential negative impact on the children involved, citing Davido’s alleged lack of proper care.Despite the mounting public interest, Davido has chosen not to publicly address the allegations at this time.


Ademola Adeyemi

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