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LASU Students Blame Suspected Cultists for Commotion at Poco Lee’s Concert

Lagos State University (LASU) students are attributing the chaotic scenes witnessed at the Poco Lee Homecoming concert, held at the LASU Main Auditorium in Ojo Campus, to the presence of cultists commonly referred to as ‘Ojo boys.’ The event, organized by Pascal Odinaka, a renowned dancer and LASU alumnus popularly known as Poco Lee, was set to feature a performance by Bella Shmurda, another celebrated alumnus and singer.According to witnesses, the first signs of trouble emerged when organizers oversold tickets, exceeding the limited capacity of the venue. Reports indicate that the auditorium, with a capacity of 3,000, was crammed with an estimated 5,000 attendees. Disgruntled fans who had purchased VIP and VVIP tickets found themselves unable to secure seats inside the overcrowded hall, while others were left loitering outside.”Seye,” a student who experienced the chaos firsthand, recounted, “The Poco Lee concert organizers sold tickets for the event, but it was overcrowded. For instance, the capacity of the hall is 3,000, but they sold tickets to 5,000 students. Individuals who had paid for VIP and VVIP seats couldn’t find accommodation due to the hall being already filled up, causing numerous altercations outside. Those affected argued that they couldn’t remain outside when they had paid for premium seating.”In a distressing turn of events, the presence of cultists escalated the tension further. Eyewitnesses revealed that the cultists made their appearance just as Bella Shmurda was about to take the stage, adamantly refusing to allow him to perform. Disturbingly, these troublemakers brandished firearms, including pistols, as well as knives and other dangerous objects, leading to panic among the attendees who scrambled for safety. The incident sparked a series of unruly behaviors on campus.”People started smoking, we witnessed the presence of shisha, illegal substances, and other previously unseen vices on our campus. It was an atmosphere of chaos,” disclosed an anonymous student who wished to remain unnamed.As this report went to press, our attempts to obtain a statement from LASU’s Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Oluwayemisi Thomas-Onasile, regarding the institution’s response to the incident, remained unanswered.The disturbances during the Poco Lee Homecoming concert have shed light on the challenges of managing large-scale events and the need for enhanced security measures at educational institutions. The LASU administration is now facing mounting pressure to address the underlying issues that contributed to this unsettling incident and to ensure the safety and well-being of its student community.


Ademola Adeyemi

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