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VIDEO: Benjamin Mendy Acquitted of Sexual Crime Charges, Stays Silent as Media Presses for Answers

In a high-profile legal case that has garnered significant public attention, French footballer Benjamin Mendy, who also plays for Manchester City, was acquitted yesterday on multiple sexual crime charges. The verdict was delivered on July 14, 2023, by the court after a thorough examination of the evidence presented during the trial.

Mendy, facing nearly 10 counts of sexual crimes, was visibly relieved upon hearing the court’s decision. However, his immediate reaction was one of quiet gratitude. As he exited the courtroom, an eager journalist attempted to obtain his first public statement after the trial, but the footballer remained stoically silent throughout the encounter.

Despite persistent questioning from the journalist, Mendy chose not to engage in any dialogue, offering only a single phrase, “alhamdulilahi,” which translates to “praise to God” in Arabic. This succinct expression of gratitude was the only response the footballer offered, leaving the media with more questions than answers.

Throughout the video of the encounter, Mendy maintained his composure, neither expressing jubilation nor providing any additional comments on the trial or the verdict. The footballer’s silence left onlookers speculating about his emotions and the impact the legal ordeal has had on his life and career.

The trial had attracted extensive media coverage and public interest, given Mendy’s prominent status in both the sporting world and society at large. However, the proceedings were conducted behind closed doors to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

Since the acquittal, Mendy’s legal team has released a statement expressing their satisfaction with the court’s decision and their belief in their client’s innocence. However, they did not elaborate further on Mendy’s reaction to the verdict or his silence during the post-trial encounter with the media.

As news of the acquittal spreads, discussions surrounding the legal process and the potential consequences for Mendy’s career continue to surface. Observers from both sporting and legal communities will closely monitor the aftermath of the trial, eager to see how the footballer’s professional life will be affected.

For now, Benjamin Mendy remains steadfast in his silence, leaving the world to wonder about the impact of this trial on his personal and professional life. As the case concludes, the footballer’s future actions and statements may shed more light on the emotional toll this legal battle has taken and how he plans to move forward.


Ademola Adeyemi

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