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20-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Throws Newborn into Pit Toilet in Anambra State

In a shocking incident that has stirred up deep-seated concerns, Nwaedoka Chidimma, a 20-year-old resident of the Izzi community in Ebonyi State, stands accused of callously disposing of her newborn child into a pit toilet. The unsettling event unfolded in the Otuocha community of Anambra East Local Government Area in Anambra State. Chidimma, who had undertaken a farming assignment in the area, reportedly perpetrated the act, sending shockwaves throughout the region.The incident came to light on Sunday when, upon hearing the cries of an infant emanating from a pit toilet, residents sprang into action, successfully rescuing the infant on Tuesday. According to accounts, Esther, a resident in the community, divulged that Chidimma had taken up temporary residence in her home due to a farming opportunity she had secured. While engaged in her agricultural duties, Chidimma’s behavior took a perplexing turn after complaining of stomach discomfort, ultimately heading to the pit toilet to alleviate her distress.Esther narrated, “Chidimma is my friend. She appealed to me to accommodate her for a brief period as she pursued a farming endeavor. While toiling on the farm, her demeanor suddenly shifted following complaints of abdominal pain. She sought solace in the pit toilet, emerging with telltale signs of distress.”Suspecting a stillbirth, Esther hastened to summon a nurse for assistance. Tragically, it was confirmed that the baby had not survived. Advising Chidimma to return to her parental home and relay the grievous turn of events, Esther was convinced that the young woman had suffered a stillbirth.However, the unfolding saga took a surprising twist on Tuesday, when cries of a baby resounded from the depths of the pit toilet. Swiftly responding, residents assembled a ladder and conducted a daring rescue mission. The authorities were promptly alerted, with security agencies and the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare being informed of the distressing occurrence.Responding to the dire situation, Ify Obinabo, the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, took immediate action. The newborn was conveyed to the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital in Amaku Awka, where medical attention was administered. Chidimma, the alleged perpetrator, was taken into custody without delay.Obinabo expressed her dismay at the alarming frequency with which young women are implicated in such disturbing incidents, vowing that justice would be served. She highlighted the uncompromising stance of the state’s governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, in addressing such acts. The Commissioner reiterated that the baby is now in stable condition, undergoing treatment at the hospital, and emphasized that the young mother will be held accountable for her actions.


Ademola Adeyemi

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