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Heartbreaking Tragedy: Four Siblings Die in Devastating Building Collapse in Enugu state

Tragedy Strikes as Building Collapse Claims Lives of Four Siblings in Enugu’s Coal Camp Area

In a somber turn of events, the Enugu Capital Territory Development Agency (ECTDA) has officially confirmed the harrowing loss of four siblings from the same family due to a devastating building collapse in Agric Quarters, Mgbemena, nestled within the Coal Camp region of the state.

The disheartening disclosure came from Mr. Uche Anya, the Chairman of ECTDA, who, on Saturday, provided the News Agency of Nigeria with an on-site account of the catastrophic incident. The ill-fated bungalow, situated in the Agric Quarters of the Coal Camp area, met its tragic demise on Friday at approximately 8 p.m., succumbing to the relentless forces of a downpour.

What adds a layer of complexity and concern to this grim event is the revelation that the structure, which had initially received approval for animal husbandry purposes, had been surreptitiously transformed into a residential edifice.

Chairman Anya, visibly distressed by the dire circumstances, voiced his disapproval of the building’s habitability, emphasizing that it was far from suitable for human occupancy. Shockingly, the ill-fated structure encompassed a staggering 44 rooms, providing shelter for approximately 200 residents.

Anya lamented the irreplaceable loss of innocent lives and expressed his disdain for the reckless construction practices that led to this catastrophe. He emphasized the irresponsibility behind the structure’s conversion, labeling it a “disaster waiting to happen.”

“The place should never have been occupied by human beings. In fact, go there and see,” Chairman Anya implored, highlighting the flagrant disregard for safety standards.

He continued, “Apparently, they claim that they are doing animal husbandry and poultry there but it turned out that there are 44 rooms that human beings are occupying, and there must be a population of over 200 people there. The fence line was totally unacceptable; nobody does that, and unfortunately, the people we lost in that tragedy are innocent children, and it is very painful,” Anya added, encapsulating the deep sorrow and regret surrounding this calamity.


Ademola Adeyemi

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