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BREAKING: Fire Erupts at Murtala Muhammad Airport’s Terminal 1 in Lagos, Stranding Travelers and Prompting Evacuation

In a startling development, a significant fire incident unfolded earlier today at the renowned Murtala Muhammad Airport, Lagos, Nigeria, resulting in widespread disruption for both travelers and airport staff. The blaze has primarily impacted the critical Terminal 1, encompassing the arrivals and departures sections.

Although the airport’s fire services promptly mobilized to address the emergency, their arrival was notably delayed by one hour from the time of initial notification. The extent of the damage incurred by the terminal remains uncertain at this juncture.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the fire’s origin can be attributed to electrical malfunctions and issues within the airport’s infrastructure. In response to the escalating situation, authorities swiftly implemented an evacuation order, instructing all workers and passengers to vacate the affected vicinity without delay.

As this situation develops, we will continue to provide updates and further details as they become available.


Ademola Adeyemi

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