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Nigerian Army Strikes Blow Against IPOB and ESN: Four Hideouts Destroyed, Shocking Discoveries Unveiled in Imo State

In a recent development, the Nigerian Army has announced the successful destruction of four suspected hideouts used by the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) in Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State. This operation resulted in the recovery of both fresh and old corpses, shedding light on the grim activities allegedly taking place within these camps.

The announcement was made via an official statement released by the spokesperson for the Joint Task Force, Operation UDO KA II, Jonah Uniakhalu, and disseminated on the force’s verified social media page on Monday.

According to the statement, the troops engaged in a fierce gun battle with members of IPOB and ESN during the operation, forcing them to flee into nearby forests with gunshot wounds. The statement also revealed the disturbing nature of the activities within these camps, including allegations of cannibalism, occultic practices, and ritual killings aimed at instilling fear in law-abiding citizens.

The operation didn’t stop at dismantling the camps; it also led to the destruction of a suspected terrorist’s shrine, believed to be involved in human sacrifices. The spokesperson further disclosed that the houses of two spiritual leaders/herbalists, who were on the run, were demolished as well.

During the operation, the Joint Task Force managed to neutralize two members of IPOB/ESN and apprehend four criminals. Various items were recovered from the camps, including different denominations of Biafra currencies, a new power bike, four motorcycles, solar panels, POP cement, and a petroleum tanker suspected to have been hijacked.

Spokesperson Jonah Uniakhalu emphasized the commitment of the armed troops to continue their efforts in eliminating terrorism, crime, and criminality in the Eastern region. They called upon law-abiding citizens in the South-East to assist by providing timely, credible, and reliable information to help curb the activities of these alleged terrorists.

In conclusion, the statement conveyed a strong message to the people of the region, urging them not to fall victim to these criminal elements that are reportedly tarnishing the sanctity of the Igbo homeland. The Joint Task Force remains dedicated to maintaining security and upholding the rule of law in the area.


Ademola Adeyemi

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