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Former NDDC Chairman Lauretta Onochie Slams Peter Obi, Tells Him He Can Never Become President

In a recent statement, Lauretta Onochie, the former chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission and a prominent political figure, voiced her strong opinion on the presidential aspirations of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate. Onochie’s remarks were made following a press conference by Obi, in which he challenged President Bola Tinubu to disclose his true identity, particularly in light of the controversy surrounding the academic records of the President at Chicago State University.

In a series of tweets posted on her social media profile, Onochie expressed her skepticism about Peter Obi’s chances of becoming the President of Nigeria. She contended that Obi, who came in a distant third place in a previous election, lacked the qualifications and characteristics necessary to lead a diverse nation like Nigeria.

Furthermore, Onochie criticized Obi for his governance of the South-East region, claiming it had become a “war zone” during his tenure, leading to the destruction of the local economy and residents’ properties. She admonished him to abandon his political ambitions, which she believes exceed his deserving prospects.

Onochie also took issue with Obi’s request for President Tinubu to reveal his identity, describing it as “the most idiotic request” and questioning why Obi would engage in such a line of inquiry. She argued that Tinubu, a two-term governor of Lagos State and a Senator, had undergone extensive security checks and should not be subjected to such questioning.

In a final facetious comment, Onochie humorously presented a fictional account of President Bola Tinubu’s background, but the underlying message was clear – she considered the identity inquiry to be baseless and unwarranted.

In conclusion, Onochie firmly asserted her skepticism about Peter Obi’s presidential prospects and vehemently opposed his inquiries about President Tinubu’s identity, dismissing them as groundless.


Ademola Adeyemi

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