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Police Arrest 2 Young Ladies For Killing Prominent Kwara Socialite

In a chilling turn of events, the Nigeria Police Force has apprehended two young women, Adama Joseph and Oreoluwa Davies, in connection with the robbery and murder of Adeniyi Ojo, a prominent Kwara socialite and the son of Chief Emmanuel Ojo. This shocking incident came to light through a meticulous investigation carried out by law enforcement officers.

The victim, Adeniyi Ojo, had reportedly been enticed into a dangerous situation by the suspects, who allegedly lured him into participating in a threesome and BDSM encounter. The sinister plot unfolded when Ojo, declining to provide monetary compensation to one of the culprits, Adama, after repeated requests, found himself caught in a harrowing ordeal.

BDSM, which stands for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism (or submission), and masochism, encompasses a range of sexual preferences involving physical and psychological control, often coupled with the pursuit of sensory stimulation or pain.

A threesome, in the realm of intimate encounters, refers to a form of group sexual activity that involves three participants. Such encounters may occur in private settings, such as spontaneous rendezvous among friends or in the context of casual sexual encounters. Alternatively, they can take place in specific environments conducive to sexual activities, including swingers’ events, orgies, or sex parties.

The grim details surrounding this crime were shared by the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, during a press conference in Abuja. He explained that the tragic events transpired on October 6, 2023, when police operatives successfully apprehended the suspects, who were identified as Adama and Oreoluwa, both students of Kwara State Polytechnic.

“In a horrifying incident,” Adejobi conveyed, “the duo deceived the deceased, leading him to believe they were engaging in a sexual escapade. However, when he failed to comply with their monetary demands, the situation took a sinister turn. The suspects resorted to drugging and suffocating him, ultimately resulting in the untimely death of Adeniyi Ojo.”

In an interview with the press, one of the suspects, Adama, offered her account of the events, stating that the victim had persistently sought a sexual relationship with her. She explained that she had previously worked under him and, after quitting the job, had requested financial support which he had failed to provide. Oreoluwa corroborated Adama’s version of the events, shedding further light on the motive behind the tragic incident.

“We had completed our ND program at Kwara Polytechnic prior to the incident,” Adama recounted. “Our intention that day was not to kill him. We had gone with the purpose of robbing him. We suggested BDSM to him, and he agreed to a threesome with me and my friend, Oreoluwa.”

She continued, “After Oreoluwa bound his hands and legs, I attempted to gag him, but he resisted, so I stopped. When we couldn’t find any money on him, my friend took his phone and attempted to unlock it using facial recognition, which caused the victim to raise an alarm. In a bid to silence him, my friend placed a pillow over his face. When he went silent, we assumed he was feigning, so we left. I touched him with a knife, but not with the intent to harm him. Our sole aim was to take his money. We had no knowledge of his death until the police arrested us in Ogun State. We only took his phone, the knife, and the ropes with us.”

This tragic incident has sent shockwaves throughout the community, highlighting the devastating consequences of a dangerous liaison gone awry. The suspects now face legal repercussions, and the community is left to grapple with the loss of a prominent figure, Adeniyi Ojo, and the dark circumstances surrounding his demise.


Ademola Adeyemi

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