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Missing Benue Children Recovered from the Clutches of Child Trafficking Doctor in Rivers State

In a compelling display of law enforcement coordination and swift action, the Benue State Police Command successfully executed the rescue of three missing children who had fallen prey to the clutches of abductors in Rivers State. This remarkable operation stands as a beacon of hope for the concerned parents who had been grappling with the harrowing disappearance of their beloved offspring.

The ordeal began when the parents of two of the missing children, Philomena Kpaakpa, a tender six-year-old, and Benedict Kpaakpa, a child of less than two years, reported their heart-wrenching circumstances to the Makurdi police station on September 24, 2023. The distressing incident, which shook the foundations of their families, was the catalyst for a swift response from the authorities.

According to a statement released by the eloquent and dedicated State Police Public Relations Officer, Catherine Anene, the missing children’s identities were immediately established. The resolute pursuit of justice led to the discovery that these two children, along with another, were ensnared by a medical doctor residing in Rivers State.

The official statement, made available to the press in Makurdi on a crisp Sunday morning, narrated the sequence of events that unfolded. It read, “At about 0730hrs, the family of Godwin Kpaakpa of Badagry Street, opposite St. Peters Church Wurukum, Makurdi, reported that two of their children were missing; Philomena Kpaakpa, a six-year-old, and Benedict Kpaakpa, who is barely two years old.”

In the face of this grave situation, an intense and meticulous investigation was immediately set into motion. A nationwide alert was issued, a testament to the determination and efficiency of the law enforcement agencies. The statement continued, “On 20/20/2023, information was received from the Rivers State Police Command that in the course of an operation at the Rumuokoro area, they rescued three children from a medical doctor that seemed to be the same children earlier reported by the Benue Command.”

In a seamless collaboration between the Benue and Rivers State Police Commands, a dedicated team of detectives was promptly dispatched to Rivers State. Their mission was clear: confirm the identities of the rescued children and initiate the necessary actions to reunite them with their anguished families.

The outcome of this operation bore both triumph and heartache. The resilient spirits of Philomena and Benedict had triumphed, as they were joyously reunited with their loving family. However, a third child, Godsgift Julius, still awaits reconnection with his own kin, as his parents remain unidentified.

The medical doctor at the center of this distressing ordeal now finds himself subject to a meticulous investigation by the authorities in Rivers State. Meanwhile, determined efforts are underway to trace any possible collaborators or counterparts in Benue who may have been involved in this shocking child trafficking episode.

Catherine Anene, the police spokesperson, concluded her statement with a resounding call to action, urging parents, guardians, educators, and all those entrusted with the care of children to maintain a vigilant watch over the young ones in their charge. This, she emphasized, is the key to safeguarding the most vulnerable among us and preventing the scourge of child trafficking from inflicting further pain upon innocent lives.


Ademola Adeyemi

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