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Yul Edochie’s Sobering Reminder: Marriage Is Far from a Do-or-Die Commitment

Renowned Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has taken to his social media platform to share his profound insights on the sanctity of marriage, emphasizing that it should not be perceived as a ‘do-or-die affair.’Edochie’s commentary arrives in the wake of fellow actor Bolanle Ninalowo’s recent announcement of separation from his spouse, Bunmi Ninalowo, which reverberated through the industry.In a thoughtful post unveiled on Edochie’s official Facebook page this past Saturday, the father of five imparts invaluable advice to couples navigating the intricate terrain of matrimony. He underscores the absence of a one-size-fits-all formula for achieving marital bliss.The seasoned actor, who himself has remained a subject of media fascination due to his enduring commitment to his second wife, Judy Austin, pens these sagacious words: “Marriage is an exquisite journey; it should remain undeterred by naysayers.”If your heart aspires to the sacred union of marriage, pursue that dream relentlessly.”While there exist valuable principles that can foster a lasting marital bond, there is no universal blueprint for success.”It is entirely plausible that one may wed after a decade of courtship, only to find their union faltering, while another may unite with someone they met mere hours ago, and experience enduring harmony. Oftentimes, the true reasons behind a marital breakdown remain concealed from the public eye, known solely to the couple involved.”Furthermore, marriage should never be regarded as an inescapable commitment.”Strive with unwavering determination to nurture your partnership, but if circumstances decree otherwise, understand that it does not signal the apocalypse. Extend well-wishes to each other and embrace the path ahead.”In life’s intricate tapestry, some journeys endure eternally, while others must conclude to pave the way for fresh beginnings. May love and serenity accompany you on your chosen path.”


Ademola Adeyemi

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