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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Unveil ‘Riot’ as Second Son’s Name, Setting Social Media Abuzz

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s Choice of Name Sparks Varied Reactions for Their Newborn SonThe birth of multi-award-winning singer Rihanna and rapper Asap Rocky’s second child on August 1 has ignited a whirlwind of opinions regarding their unconventional choice of name. Their newborn son, ‘Riot Rose Mayers,’ as reported by The Blast, joins the couple’s first child, RZA Athelston Mayers, who was born in 2022, named in homage to legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper, RZA.In the age of social media, Twitter has become the epicenter for discussions about this unique moniker. #provii8 humorously quipped, “Rihanna naming her second son Riot is all cool until the boy starts leading riots in college.” Meanwhile, #damiadenuga added a touch of cultural perspective, suggesting, “Rihanna and ASAP Rocky name their son Riot aka Idamu Adugbo. Portable influenced them.”#Hantibedavid expressed mild surprise, stating, “God gave Rihanna and A$AP Rocky 9 months to choose a name for their baby boy and all they could come up with is Riot?” The global community chimed in, as #Amblue_jay noted, “Rihanna named her son Riot, but people continue to laugh at Zimbabwean names.”The online commentary ventured into more lighthearted territory as well. #Mbahdeyforyou playfully speculated, “As them dun born Riot, next pikin’ go be Protest.” In contrast, #Raylex04 defended the name, emphasizing that success transcends nomenclature, saying, “Rihanna named her child ‘Riot,’ and the child is going to be rich and successful despite his name, and then there’s you ‘Glory’ with no glory, happiness with no joy, wisdom wey nor wise.”#Ovo_himself449 pointed out international naming quirks, stating, “You see people abroad bearing names like Stone, Bucket, Riot making it in life, but here in Nigeria, pesin wey dey bear Success dey write Jamb 4 times.”In the wake of this lively debate, it’s evident that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s choice of name for their newborn son has certainly sparked conversation, showcasing the enduring power of a unique name to capture public attention.


Ademola Adeyemi

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