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OAP Do2dtun Responds to Estranged Wife: ‘Our Marriage Ended Because You Married Your Brother

Renowned On-Air Personality, Kayode Ojuolape Oladotun, popularly known as Do2dtun, has issued a response to the allegations of domestic abuse leveled against him by his estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo. Their marital discord recently resurfaced when Do2dtun questioned Taiwo’s custody of their two daughters.

Do2dtun asserts that despite a court order granting shared custody, Taiwo absconded with their children. In response, Taiwo has broken her silence, citing eight years of enduring sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse as the catalyst for her departure. She expressed her inability to raise their daughters in such an environment.

Furthermore, Taiwo addressed claims that Dbanj, the popular musician, played a role in their marital dissolution. She made it clear that this was not Dbanj’s battle and implored him to be left out of their dispute. Taiwo credited Dapo (Do2dtun) with helping cover her financial responsibilities, indicating that Dapo had contributed to paying several rents to ensure they didn’t become homeless. She stated that her decisions were always focused on protecting their daughters.

In response to Taiwo’s statements, Do2dtun has challenged Dbanj to provide receipts for the rent he allegedly paid and other claims made by his estranged wife. Do2dtun publicly questioned Dbanj, suggesting that Taiwo might have misled him, similar to how she allegedly mishandled their children’s school fees.

On the topic of domestic abuse, Do2dtun pointed out inconsistencies in Taiwo’s allegations, ranging from domestic violence to forced abortion, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. He urged her to maintain consistency in her claims and accused her of marrying her brother and abdicating her decision-making authority to her mother, which he believed was the true reason for the breakdown of their marriage.


Ademola Adeyemi

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